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7/7 ofc..... second team still got a few problems on Ragnaros, obviously gearlevel is a bit low even for the nerf. Still Heroic is ahead for both teams :)

Who are we?
Plexus is based on a competetive group of players Horde side on Sunstrider, EU and is brought together by a desire to explore all the content Cataclysm (and further features) have to offer. Plexus is a Semi-Hardcore 10 man raiding guild based on 2 teams. We will raid 2-4 days every week (20.00 - 23:00) server time. We aim for people all over Europe. However English is our language of choice on vent, and ingame. In Plexus you will experience a lot of fun in and outside raids, but in raids we expect you to be serious so we as a team can reach our goals in wow and aim for new ones. If this sounds interesting you are more than welcome to contact us on the website or ingame. 

What do we expect?
In Plexus we aim for progress and high end content - THIS MEANS! If the only thing you think of, is being number 1 on your dmg meter and you therefore can not avoid "glowing death traps" "rocks falling down from the sky" "exploding firebombs" that you only need to move away from - THIS WILL NEVER BE A GUILD FOR YOU!!. One eye on the television, phone, homework etc while raiding don't help the ability to stay focused. However if you think you have a great undestanding of your class and role in a raid and you therefore want to keep your raiding experience updated! This is maybe a guild for you? Our mainly targetgroup is people who wants to play have fun and stay in the guild, and not just quitting after a while. Besides that - Always use the best gems, enchants etc etc, and most important DO NOT lie to us if you rate yourself higher than you can perform you won't stay in the guild for a long time. 

Normal behavoir and personal skills
We really appreciate people with a nice attitude and with a genuine sense of humor. If all that drives is haveing all insane gear just to boost your own ego - THIS WILL NEVER BE A GUILD FOR YOU!!. Plexus is mainly based on freindship and we therefore expect you to be friendly as well :) . If you should get accepted into the guild, you will be accepted as a friend and more than just a new number in our guild roster. We spend most of the time doing HC farming gear and gold for new raids etc etc. If that sounds like something you want to be a part of we will be enlighten to hear from you. 
(The officer team knows that wow is not everything, this means if you can not attend a raid it is fair and we will ofc undestand - it is just a game and every player has this "RL thing" ;) ) 

Sharing the loot
In Plexus we will be useing EPGP, and that means your activity matters when it comes to loot. The lootsharing will be based on raid attendance, and how you act in and outside raids and ofc activity lvl and most important what is best for the guild in the future. THIS MEANS! If you are a nice guy who wants to put some efforts in the game you will get your shinny gear :) But remember we will progress as a team, and therefore also wipe as a team.   

General Guildlines! 
Fluent English is a must.
Ventrilo installed - (A working mic is not a must)
Be mature, but genius sense of humor is also more than needed! :D 
You have a working PC and a decent connection. (Would be sad if main healer DC'ed on 15% of a boss fight :( )
Stay strong, even when things goes bad - remember progress is followed by wipes, it is a simple fact!

If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of our guild is still open for all classes! We really hope to hear from you - Thank you for reading, and good luck.. GAME ON!!

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